Galvanising And Powder Coating

Avoid Rusty Gates And Railings

Why Galvanise And Powder Coat Your Gates And Railings?

At Gates and Railing Direct we provide extra options. These can be chosen when ordering or designing your gates and railings online or by contacting us directly.
Choosing to galvanise and powder coat your order it will give extra protection and add strength to your gates and railings. This will then ensure they survive the years ahead. These options will protect against the natural elements which cause everyday wear and tear to wrought iron.
All our gates and railings at ‘Gates and Railings Direct’ come with a 10 year wrought iron guarantee. We like to ensure we give our customers the best service and advice to safeguard our wrought iron against rust and every day wear and tear.


Galvanisation is the most robust option to protect your gates and railings against the outside world. The process involves applying zinc by dipping the product into  the liquid metal. When this is applied it provides a much deeper and substantial layer of protection.
Galvanising your order will leave your gate with a ‘raw’  silver metal look which some customers like. Otherwise you can choose to powder coat your order to a specific colour. Choosing to Galvanise your product before the Powder Coating process, will result in a increase to the life span of your gates and railings.
It provides a stronger protective layer resulting in little or no effect from minor abrasions or scratches. It also prevents corrosion such as rust.
All our galvanising is carried out to British Standard BS EN ISO 1461 by Metal Treat Ltd.

Galvanising And Powder Coating

Powder Coating

We offer Powder Coating to all our gates and railings which is much more durable than relying on everyday paint. The Powder Coating is a dry finishing process, which covers your order in a physical protective coating making it more solid and stronger against weathering and climate. This process creates an added barrier and changes the final look and feel to your gates and railings.
Powder Coating provides the coloured glossy and smooth look to gates and railings which enhances the final look.
Please note that Powder Coating alone will not offer any corrosion protection, should the barrier become penetrated. Hence why we recommend galvanising your product first for maximum protection.
All of our powder coating on our gates and railings carried out to BS EN ISO 13438.

Maximum Protection

For maximum protection it is advised that gates should be Galvanised to provide corrosion protection first then Powder Coated to create your desired finish.

Please note all our galvanised gates and railings come with a 20 year rust free guarantee.

If you require more information regarding galvanising and powder coating please contact one of our team.

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